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11 03, 2019

Egg Canapés de Luxe

Egg Canapés De Luxe is very quick and easy to prepare. These little tidbits taste outstanding delicious and are genuinely luxurious. They are an eye-catcher on a buffet and ideal as a small starter for a festive menu. At a champagne banquet, you can serve them as an amuse-bouche. If you want to give [...]

5 04, 2016


Hummus is a classical Middle Eastern puree of chickpeas and a sesame paste called tahini. You can find Hummus almost at any Levantine table. It’s downright acclaimed there. But not longer only there. In the meantime Hummus is popular all over the globe. One reason for this high popularity could [...]

21 02, 2016


Hello guys! Do you like sandwiches? You love it and could have them every day. Oh, hey, join the club! Yes, sandwiches are infinity good. They are one of the best inventions since the first bread was baked! […]

11 02, 2016


Hello sandwich toaster, my old friend. For a long time we have not had the pleasure with each other. I’m great to see you again. How long is it since we had our last kitchen adventure? […]