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Since some weeks, the trees are wearing their golden – colored leave dresses, and they are gradually exchanging them against bare branches. Gray wafts of mist sweep through the mornings and sometimes even through the whole day. It has become much colder outside, and the days gets down early in the darkness of the night.
It’s November!
This is the time when we love our warm and cozy homes. The time, when we light candles and the fire in the fireplace. This is also the time when our appetite grows on all of this comfort food. Hearty roasts, aromatic casseroles, delightfully seductive caramel. These are the delicacies that warm up our souls in this dark season.
One of the highlights in November is Thanksgiving, for sure. A delightful turkey will be served. Cranberries want to become fruity sauces. But the most delicious of all these Thanksgiving treats is always the stuffing!
In these weeks, we also start to think about the coming Christmas season. We begin to organize gifts for our loved ones and do the first Christmas bakery. Is there anything more comfortable than a house where a fireplace crackles, the smell of freshly baked pastries, what draws through all the rooms and we nestle on the sofa, a cup of hot punch in the hands and our beloved next to us?
Enjoy the November with all its comfort!

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